Wounded Warrior Project Doesn’t Take Christian Donations

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I read something quite shocking today that almost literally just made me feel awful. Wounded Warriors Project, the project so widely accepted to be worth while because they help wounded vets, has now shown itself to have an anti-Christian agenda. Which is entirely shocking coming from a organization that supposedly lives by the mission statement “To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history”. One would just think to serve their mission that they would have to be accepting and non-discriminatory of people who want to help.

So for those who don’t know the back story I’ll catch you up. The Liberty Baptist Church and Academy (in Fort Pierce, FL) recently decided that it would hold a donation drive within it’s parish and school system. They wanted to support wounded veterans out of a sense of responsibility, out of charity, and to set a good example of patriotism. They we’re coldly denied by Wounded Warriors Project in a single defeating letter. The pastor, Wallace Cooley, obviously thinking that their restriction was an error followed up…and low and behold found it to be true.  Wounded Warrior Project will not accept donations that are religious or coming from a religious source; the exact quote from the letter being “We must decline the opportunity to be the beneficiary of your event due to our fundraising event criteria, which does’t allow community events to be religious in nature,”. The letter in image form can be found here. Of course the entire community is now upset, and wondering why. Why can they not donate to wounded veterans who have fought for our right and liberties. Why does being Christian in this nation make you a second class citizen? That’s a much larger issue I’m going to address this week because in all reality the land that was once the home of religious freedom is now locked tight. Religious freedom is only acceptable to those who are not of the faith now and Christianity from this nation is scrubbed from our culture with little to no resistance.

Putting the religious implications aside another topic that made me wonder was why refuse the money? Wounded Warriors is a non-profit group that depends on donations to fulfill their mission, If their mission is to foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history then it sounds by rejecting donations they are doing one piss poor job at it. It sounds like their mission is statement all fluff; phony words for the gullible donors to throw money at actually believing that it will go to a good cause. Now I’m not saying Wounded Warriors is not a good cause but this certainly makes us question their integrity. The military they represent come from all backgrounds, all creeds, all beliefs, and of all opinion. So what exactly gives the Wounded Warrior Project the right to discriminate against Christians?

Now I find it to be an awful shame that the Church group will not be able to donate to the Wounded Warriors but I do hope they still campaign and fundraise. They can give back to the military still. There are many groups that support the military and all of them to my knowledge respects people, and does not spit in their faces over charity. I suspect this is a case of political correctness gone wrong but even still I will not support the Wounded Warriors Project until an apology is made and when they allowed the aforementioned group to donate to their cause. I will not start a boycott….but if someone does I will support them in it. This much of a reaction is deserving from the community of Patriots because what Wounded Warrior Project did was anti-American and disgusting.

  • http://www.sodahead.com/WannaBeRSC/ Randall Covey

    Attempted to call them (1-877-#), got answering macn/serv. Will try again on Monday. 

    • http://patrioticvoices.com Cal Sullivan

      Very cool. I’d be very intereested to know how they respond. Keep us updated!

  • Via

    Their website only states that fundraising affiliated with “sexual in nature, political or alcohol related” will be rejected. Christian school children aren’t in those categories.

    • http://patrioticvoices.com Cal Sullivan

      You are correct there. I’m wondering what they’re response will be personally. They wont be able to evade forever. People want answers. 

  • Scott

    Well, it looks like I will be putting my Wounded Warrior Project survival strap away, and getting a different one. This is extremely un-American. Our country was founded on Christian principles, and the fact that they will not accept money from a specific group of AMERICANS, is detestable. As a veteran, their behavior is disgusting.

  • Lynn Miller

    Eagle Rock Camp is a faith-based, non-denomination, non-sectarian sports camp that reconnects wounded warriors with their families. PTSD is accepted by the VA as a “wound of the soul”. The only way to heal that wound is through a return to the “core of your beliefs”. That includes all faiths, including athiests. Don’t mean to start a fire-storm here, especially because I understand the rules WWP must adhere to – and they are IRS rules. Eagle Rock Camp does accept donations from churches of all faiths.

    • http://patrioticvoices.com/ Cal Sullivan

      A good alternative. I will have to look into them!