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Washington Should Protect Captain Paul Watson

! This post hasn't been updated in over 2 years.

Edit: I read some bad info. Captain Watson was actually born in Toronto Canada. I'll leave this article as it is however because that does not change anything. America should still protect him and his cause for the same reasons, even if he is not a citizen. That's the least we can do since Obama is letting illegal aliens get amnesty now. 

Today or rather this mornings topic since it's just past midnight now is Captain Paul Watson, the iconic leader of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Yeah…those guys on Animal Planet working their butts off to protect the whales and environmental laws that the international community apparently can agree on in a paper form….but not enforce. It goes way farther than that but one thing is definitely for sure: Captain Watson is a patriot and a US citizen and I think it's about time to finally recognize that. There is currently a petition out on "We the People" for Obama to provide the man and his organization safe haven in the USA and I'm not only going to tell you why you should apply your name to it but I also want to put a placeholder to why this is important to conservatism. In fact it is one of the things that is giving me the insight to raise the Patriots Voice Party (which I will start at a later date). 

Environmentalism usually tends to be a liberal based idea or at least it seems to be perceived as such. We have crazy liberal groups running around like PETA, GreenPeace, etc and federal organizations like the EPA don't give any conservative a warm fuzzy feeling. Some would think that conservatives are anti-environment but this is simply not the case. We need to pick our battles and we need to look towards effectively protecting our environment without compromising our economy or our culture. In the case where the homeowner cannot build on his own land because of an endangered species of course the citizen comes first however in this case we are speaking of creatures in their own habitant far in the cold southern hemisphere that would otherwise almost never come in contact with man. Should we allow these creatures to be hunted off the planet? Hell no. We should praise those who stand up for the existing laws countries such as Japan and Costa Rica violate every day. 

Now many of you have seen Sea Shepherd in action due to the hit series Whale Wars on the cable network Animal Planet. They fight off whaling vessels using non-lethal and to be quite honest non-threatening attacks. They make the ships of their enemies smell by throwing rotten butter on them, they block their enemies paths, and they track the vessels hunting whales in what is international recognized as an international whale protection zone similar to a national park in the US. This area in specific is called the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.  They are no threat to anyone but are doing a job that civilized nations refuse to do themselves. Protecting wildlife seems to be too much for our leaders yet they can spend all of our money on pork projects like Obamacare and membership in the United Nations. We will not enforce the laws us and other nations have created and by doing so we hurt ourselves – so at the very least we can protect the privately funded group who is nothing more than a thorn in the whalers side. We can at the very least allow these activists to do the job we will not do. Sounds very familiar doesn't it? If it doesn't then I want you to consider the border, the immigration laws we refuse to enforce as a nation, and the private groups of patriots who take it into their own hands to do the right thing. Sea Shepherd is out of the same batch of cookies. They are Patriots.

Paul Watson is not a stranger to the US either. He's actually one of our citizens. A man born and raised in our great nation who put his voice to action on a global scale. We should be applauding his actions. In 1999 President George H. W. Bush, one of our past iconic champions of conservatism did in fact recognize and applaud Captain Watson by giving him the "Daily Points of Light" Award. Time Magazine in 2000 named him one of the “Top 20 Environmental Heroes of the 20th Century.” and just this past year Captain Watson was awarded the Jules Verne award  (apparently a pretty prestigious environmentalist award from my research) being the second ever person to receive it. That is saying something right there. Many of us have seen his organization on the television and more. This man is worthwhile for America to claim and proclaim him as one of our citizens. 

So why am I so strung out on this and why is it so important to us: conservatives. It's a matter of principle and intelligence that we simply cannot hunt an animal species off the planet. We cannot show ourselves as hypocrites for pressuring Washington to enforce our laws on immigration and such when there are other causes, albeit smaller, that suffer from the same form of negligence from the feds. We support smaller government and a privately funded solution is ever better than a federal one. Protecting whales, alright sounds good on paper, but do you the tax payer want to put out for that? We the tax payer already put out too much for all the other incredibly stupid things our government forces on us. Isn't it times to use our brains and just realize that this is not a money issue and it's a issue we can get behind. We have an organization doing what it can to enforce existing laws – they should have an American flag on their ship and be allowed to make port on our docks without fear of political arrests and warrants. We as America, and especially we as conservatives need to step up and say we do care about our environment and there are better ways to protect it than what the liberals have offered and pushed. Extending the name of America and her strength to a small organization doing what's right is just perfect for us to get behind.

This conservative organization supports Sea Shepherd in their actions. We hope you will think about this, play it around in your mind, and come to the same conclusion. You don't have to donate any of your money at all, it would be nice (and here is their link in case you do want to), but all we really ask from our viewers is their support. Lend us your voice on a site many of you have probably been on in the past and have used in either regard. As I said there is a We the People petition that needs another 80K signatures. Lets fill it up and force Obama to address yet another issue that he has been ignoring. We the people should support the people, and in cases where people are not concerned and their rights in no danger, we should protect our world as well. Here is the petition. Please sign it and please spread it around on your respective social networks.

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    Paul watson was born in canada!

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      Yes….thus the amendment at the top of the post.