User Rockne1863 Murders 3 at Town Hall

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We we’re all at risk and probably we’re on the hit list. That’s how I feel today after learning that a longtime radical liberal who has made accusatory and provocative comments on this website went to a town hall meeting last night and killed 3 people randomly in what can only be described as a terroristic event. He also frequented a debating website known as SodaHead where I often am online and was known for his extreme values and views. So I can’t say this guy was some random nobody hiding in the shadows and plotting with our enemies. I interacted with this guy, I debated with this guy, and in the past I have argued with this guy. Like many on the web I could tell he was off his rocker but little did any of us know how far off his rocker. He certainly didn’t like what we had to say on our site here.

Unfortunately when we switched to Disqus as our commenting system his comments we’re lost to the public. I can still see them in the administration area of this website and I can tell you he was angry and unstable. He had a grand total of 4 comments, all lengthy, and all quite profane and angry. The one point that is obvious to me reading back however is that he did not like the right wing. He hated conservatives…but for some reason still found value in the founding fathers and their words. Luckily it was at one of those times when I was building the Movement, which admittedly comes often, and I didn’t interest him enough to stay and continue on the fight on the topic he was in or the others that we’re present. I will screen shot and post some of them at the article’s end.

Last night Rockne Warren Newell walked into a town hall meeting in Pocono Pennsylvania with a pistol and a scope. He randomly shot 3 individuals at the meeting; one whom died on scene and two others than died after the event or in post surgery. So a grand total of three people died. As people scatted a true hero emerged in the form of Bernie Kozen, the West End Open Space Commission Executive Director, who tackled the gun man and shot Newell twice in the leg with his own fire arm.  Newell then attempted to escape to his vehicle to retrieve a different weapon when the police arrived and subdued him. Newell had been in a 18-year-long dispute with the Ross Township Board of Supervisors over the condition of his property. Newell, a self-proclaimed junk collector, was ordered in 2012 to clean and vacate his property unless he obtained various permits. His yard by the pictures I’ve seen was a hazard and a eye sore to the community. Prior to the shooting his property had been seized due to his failure to comply with multiple demands to clean and make his property safe. He had been apparently living in his truck.  The full story was very well written by Raw Story and for more I’d ask you go visit them.

One point in my research I did note one chilling fact that shows this was pre-meditated and something he had thought of before. In a comment on Mother Jones he said:

I am a Liberal & I don’t mind violent criminals in jail its Pot smokers & non violent crimes such as prostitution, protesting that I don’t want to see people in jail for. If you bring an AR15 to a public meeting & parade around with it you should go to jail I believe in the second amendment, but there is a difference between the second amendment & terrorizing people! as for AM radio screamers and swallowed by many a drooling idiot 1Pokey4 are you talking about Rush Limpbrain?

Here is what he has posted on our website:

Hey I’m a life long Democrat & I don’t even like background checks ever get into a fight when you were 8 years old your on the list some teacher put you on it & your never getting off of it! You’ll never get a hunting licence own a gun for self defense I think if someone breaks into your home you should be able to shoot them if they attack you on the street you be able to shoot them but if your walking down the street minding your own business & Zimmerman jumps you with no athority what so ever you should be able to defend yourself & Zimmerman would go to jail for assault because if he did to me what he did to Trayvon I would have kicked his ass & broke his arm when he pulled that gun! See that’s the Democrat in me I think black kids have every bit as much right as me to walk the streets I don’t believe in curfews either I don’t believe anyone has the right to force their Religion on me or my kids, I think everybody should belong to a union, I believe that humans should to everything to clean the air water & food because we are the ones who made it dirty & we should put tarrif on things made without pollution standards 40 hour work weeks, worker safety standards! For all you people who claim to be Christians you remember the do unto others…… Well the Republican politicians you vote for don’t believe in any of those things they believe only the working class should pay taxes they want to take away your grandmother’s SSI I’m old enough to remember dirtier air & water you can thank the Democrats of my generation for cleaner air & the Democrats of my grandfathers generation for SSI! & you can thank the Republicans of those generations for all the Depressions since FDR which by the way. Don’t hurt the really rich, only the working class & the poor!

Clearly not someone in his right mind and someone clearly too obsessed with guns. Everything he says is gun this and gun that. Remember….blame the man behind the gun…not the gun. Mental Health is still a stigma in this nation and these events will continue until we revise that and make seeking treatment acceptable.

This of course brings up a slew of topics I want to discuss this week including mental health in America, when it’s time to quit politics for your own good, and even more about liberals and their actions and policies. Such an act as Newell did is unacceptable and I hope the law comes down hard on him. I will call him for exactly what he is and what he was: Radical Liberal and Terrorist. I, as the Chairman of the Patriots Movement, condemn his actions and remind all conservatives that the fight does not need to be physical or violent. Take the high road – such actions are above us and how we seek to improve the nation.