Taxes what a Mess they can be.

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Well all it is that time of year where we all have the begrudging task of filing our taxes. It is one of the worse and for some most stressful times of year. Would it not be nice to not have to do this year after year. Is the saying not “The only constant in life is Death and Taxes.”

Well there are ways that we can stop filing taxes if the government so chose to implement them. Personally I always found filing taxes quite stupid. To be truthful I see it as money that could be kept in the system, to help shore up programs going out when in reality it should not be leaving the system.

Again truthfully I find the IRS a useless system that should not be as big as it is. Personally I think it could be done away with saving tax payers even more money. Even if we did not see a saving at least see the money used for the betterment of our nation.

I think their is one thing in life that is a constant is change. What I see is our Government being that old man who does not want to change because he likes life the way it is for him now. Well eventually change happens whether we like it or not. I think the Government should take a long hard look at the current taxing procedures in this nation.

That’s right in reality how can you the tax code is so complex even people who work in the IRS don’t understand it, so how would a Govenrment Official. If a system becaome so hard to understand such as our current tax code them I think it is time to figure out a way to make it simple.

There are several ways I personally like the flat tax for all so everyone is even no one get a smaller percentage taken out no one a larger. It is fair for all people rich and poor. It elevates no one above another.

I also think there are certain thing that should not be taxed such as SSI payments should be off limits. I mean really it is not like SSI pays all that much to begin with so to make people pay taxes on top of that is stupid and makes it harder for them to stay aflot financially. Also Inheritence Taxes should be done away with because if I die I don’t think it is fair that my kids should pay taxes on what little I own.

I think tax returns should be stopped and filing other then in certain business circumstances should be stopped. It is a waste of tax payer money and the system is corrupt and it is well know within the IRS yet nothing is done about it.

I am not making this up. Billions are lost to false return being filed by Illegal Immigrants who also falsely create dependents who live in their home country and add them to the return. You would think the IRS would stop this but they don’t and it hurt us the real tax payer. The IRS knows it is happening at all levels a document has been published on this very matter yet they say they won’t do anything to stop it. REALLY.

So the way I see it this system is done and should be tossed aside and filing returns should be stopped all together. People should not get money back at the end of the year in taxes they paid. That defeats the purpose of taxing if people get back a portion, all, or more then what they paid in taxes.

The money from stopping income tax return payments would be a large amount and could very well help programs that are now teetering on financial ruin. That to me is much better then paying people to pay taxes.

  • Cal Sullivan

    Taxes are a massive mess. Thank God I did mine already and got them out of the way. What a nightmare.

  • Christopher Grear

    Yeah it is a dumb system we have.