I Support Ken Cuccinelli

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As a resident of Virginia of sorts I can no longer ignore the local race that is fuming at my door step and is no entering the last lap of political campaigning. Election day is almost here and I want to come out ad proclaim my support for Ken Cuccinelli. Of course my support is rather useless since I am still considered a resident of Pennsylvania, that’s where I pay my taxes to, that’s where my car license and license plates are from, and that’s where I must vote. So I’m not actually eligible to cast a vote for Ken Cuccinelli but by making a blog article about it I hope I can do my part to aid his steadily rising ratings. We all do what we best at and writing just happens to be my best skill, perhaps not always in a timely manner, but I work hard and get the job done all the same. Classic conservative values that you can value over here – I only expect to receive what I earn and while I try my best to prove myself as a great political blogger, I also do my best to help others by providing information. so back to the topic at hand that is Ken Cuccinelli and my endorsement for his campaign.

First some background for those of you reading and wondering who these people are. Ken Cuccinelli, the former Attorney General for the state of Virginia, is running for the state’s highest office of Governor. He is backed by the republican party. His opponent is a man named Terry McAuliffe, the former chairman of the Democratic party, who is vying for the same position as the Democrat opponent. We also have a guy named Robert Sarvis who is running as the Libertarian candidate but with less than a 9% rating and a week left he wont be mentioned much due to the astronomically low chance of being elected. I don’t want to be mean or put off Sarvis but he simply is not a contender.  So introductions over, I hope you have the names committed to memory, but what does this all mean?! This election is the only election happening this year and precedes what is going to be a very active and brutal political season in 2014 when the congress, senate, and anyone else lower down that chain either fight for their respective offices. So think as this as the first battle of the war and it’s very important because of that.

I Support Ken Cuccinelli and this is Why:

Ken Cuccinelli in my perception has always been a pretty good politician. He’s currently fighting an uphill battle as he is as of today 4 points below his opponent McAuliffe but steadily rising with the healthcare disaster. This isn’t all that surprising as Ken Cuccinelli was the very first person in the nation to file a lawsuit against Obamacare and try to stop it. People of course saw that as negative but today have probably starkly changed their minds on what has become a nightmare bill. Ken Cuccinelli has lead a pretty vibrant political career when we reflect and I like that – we’re dealing with an inexperienced President right now so you can bet that I am pro-experience. I 537871000[1]want my candidate to have experience in the line of work he or she tries to take.  In 2002 Ken Cuccinelli campaigned to be a Virginia State Senator representing the 37th district. He won and was subsequently re-elected the following year serving all the way until 2007 where he successfully but narrowly won his second term in office. This lasted until 2010 until Ken Cuccinelli was inaugurated as Virginia’s attorney general where he did a stellar job and was noted for many achievements including the Extradition of Jens Soering to Germany and the Exoneration of wrongly convicted Thomas Haynesworth (subsequently when Haynesworth couldn’t find a job hired him on the spot into his offices). During his career he’s maintained conservative principles and positions on the topics of abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, taxes, government spending, property rights, and the Second Amendment, while advocating law enforcement and increased care for the mentally disabled. Another good point I like is his opposition to abortion which was ironically alerted to me in an attack advertisement launched by his opponent – it had the opposite of it’s intended effect, whereas instead of thinking negatively of Ken Cuccinelli, my opinion of him only rose farther up. 

This to me is a man with integrity who knows how to be a politician – now when I say that I don’t mean he can “walk the walk and talk the talk, I’m sure he can, but what I’m saying is the job of the politician is to represent the citizen – not rule them. Ken Cuccinelli to me seems like a guy who will represent our interests as a state and will lead us to a brighter future in these trying times.

I do not support Terry McAuliffe however.

I could make this a very short article by just saying that everything I liked about Ken Cuccinelli in the paragraph above is not found within Terry McAuliffe or his history. McAuliffe instead started his political career as a fundraiser for Bill Clinton, where he then was nominated and ran for DNC Chairman in 2000 where his fundraising skills aided him in victory once again. In 2008 Terry McAuliffe served as a campaign chairman for Hillary Terry McAuliffeClinton’s campaign and was a super delegate in the Democratic National Convention. In 2009 Terry McAuliffe tried to run for Governor of Virginia only to lose to another Democrat in the primaries. In 2013 he announced he would run for governor once again and since the Democrats didn’t have anyone else interested he instantly won their nomination. McAuliffe was named in many scandals including one that involved an $100K investment into ENRON, a company who’s financial fall made headlines, and took a great number of white collar workers to prison. even worse was Global Crossing’s financial fall.  Its’ really hard for me to write in a positive light for this guy because right from the get-go you can see that he’s a puppet of the Clinton’s and only gained his positions from his friends in high places. There wasn’t the same hard work his opponent Ken Cuccinelli put into his campaigns. In addition Terry McAuliffe remains very liberal on a number of topics that Virginians are against including Abortion (up to the first 2 trimesters…which is murder to me), Gun Control Opposing Off Shore Drilling, and his support for the failure that is Obamacare. This guy is one massive step in the wrong direction in a nation that has ran in the wrong direction over the past decade. Do we really need anymore poor leaders, members of the elite status quo club, or liberals in general leading us? Haven’t they done enough damage to this nation? This is why I do not support Terry McAuliffe and it’s not just a little bit of disapproval but a boat load – I mean this guy is just the wrong person for Virginia. Although it should be noted he is winning the election by 4 points – although a visit from former President Bill Clinton can do that for a budding politician. Ken Cuccinelli responded in likeness with Senator Ted Cruz and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal but they just don’t have the same titles as a man such as Bill Clinton.  Adversely the nomination shows me McAuliffe is still very much an active member of the Clinton club. Surprisingly even the Daily K.O.S was against him….which is just odd considering their usual party tows.

Why Should You Care and Poor Robert Sarvis!

I would feel bad despite what I said if I did not mention Robert Sarvis in this. He is going to make a difference but it’s not going to be the difference he intends to make. He is likely going to divide voters who would otherwise b783010cf4367318f0e0ddcb48bb0ec1vote for Ken Cuccinelli. He’s the Libertarian candidate which is a kind way of saying Independent. At least that’s what he says although quite a few publications have reviewed him to only find he doesn’t represent the average Libertarian at all. So who knows what he is….third choice I guess. Those who run independent very rarely succeed and Sarvis’s 9% rating compared to Terry McAuliffe’s 44% and Ken Cuccinelli’s 41% just wont cut it. Unfortunately, and I hate to say it because he was a good candidate and his views we’re impressive, in a classic republican versus democrat showdown such as this he never really stood a chance. With any luck he will not hold Ken Cuccinelli from the victory that I so hope he gets. So secondly I said something to the effect of why should you care. Hang on I’m getting there. You should care because this show down is going to effect all future showdowns in 2014. Both sides are watching this race and the outcome is going to gauge how they play the next year, how they run their campaigns, and how they operate.  You can bet if the Democrats lose they wont play the same hand in other states next year and the vice versa goes for Republicans. As it stands it’s going to be a very tight race and I really do hope Ken Cuccinelli comes out on top as the victor. Virginians deserve better than Terry McAuliffe, and while I may not vote here, I still live here and I would like to see the state be run well.


  • Kevin Holmes

    Just thought you should know that your blog is getting read and I plan on sharing it on my facebook page. I had intended to also write one in support of Cuccinelli but with my busy work schedule and the election being tomorrow…time isn’t on my side. Anyways, you’ve said a lot of the same things I was gonna say, with some “preserving liberty” points sprinkled in, so I will share this and continue to push for Cuccinelli votes most of the day today. Keep writing bud!

    • http://patrioticvoices.com Kyle Brock

      I appreciate that! Somedays I do honestly wonder lol.

    • http://patriotsmovement.com/ Cal Sullivan

      I appreciate that. It took me 22 days to see your comment and a much needed hiatus but knowing someone is out there…it helps my morale with this blog. I’m going to start posting again and being more proactive so I hope to see you around. Thank you for the pick-me-up!