Why Can’t The States Vote on Gay Marriage?

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While I took a short hiatus from posting blogs some very interesting things popped up in the political world including a case in the Supreme Court that could decide the national standard for gay marriage and it’s acceptance. Personally I don’t have much of a problem with gay marriage. I know it’s not a very conservative belief but Patriotism is about individual rights and liberties. I believe what you do on your own time is your business alone and not the government’s. You can make your own opinion on gay marriage because that is not what this article is about. The issue I want to highlight in this article is the Supreme Court and the consequences that such a case may bring to the United States and the citizen in turn. The issue here is that the Supreme Court will probably set a precedent which will either set in motion or undermine the laws set forth by individual states. Essentially a committee of unelected men and women will be deciding how America deals with this issue regardless of what the people want or say. It’s basically a truism of what I’ve been saying this entire time: our leaders are ruling and are not representing as they we’re elected to do. Anyone who honestly believes that several judges should have the power to determine American policy, without any regard to anyone else, and with a very loose understanding of the constitution is just plain crazy as they are un-American. America was not meant to be run this way.

What this issue does is highlight an even bigger issue this nation has concerning the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court consist of a group of justices who are nominated and voted in by congress and then serve for life in office. There is no democracy present in this station. No citizen ever inputs on whether a justice should be put into power or not and the position does not imply that the Justice’s will represent the citizen. Their job is to interpret the constitution but the problem is that the constriction is a living document that is ever changing. What might be interpreted today may not be the same tomorrow.So these judges are not policy makers nor are they a viable solution for the bigger problems that face America in the realms of opinion. In a topic such as this the states must be respected and the will of the citizen listened to.

My biggest concern with this judgment is that it will overturn or change laws voted upon and ratified in the individual states thus undermining the states and their right to govern. This is an issue that the people must speak out about and must be represented on. It’s not a issue we can just sidestep and then sweep under the rug. We as a nation need to sit down and seriously speak on this topic and each individual state needs to make up it’s own mind and enforce what it will. While it’s not the government’s business what people do on their own time it’s also none of their right to impede the democratic process.

It’s a really cut and dry topic so I can’t make this any longer. I’ve already said all the important parts that you as a citizen and a patriot need to reflect upon. You need to think about the Supreme Court and the weight of such a judgment and about state rights. The judgment on this topic will come down in June so we’ll revisit the topic then. I have an excellent quote from Rand Paul to help your judgment on the topic of supreme court judgments. Ran Paul said “Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be ‘constitutional’ does not make it so.