Radicalism Will Defeat Us All

I cannot sit here and take it any longer and I have to speak my mind on the political division in this nation. Some people are hell bent to think that it is right versus left in the big arena of political thought and law but it simply is not. The real fight is between us who are patriots and want to change America and those who are radicals and whom seem to think that it's either their way or the end of the discussion. It's a fight between those who want to have a political voice and those who want to talk down to others. Lastly it's also a fight between those who want to debate for higher knowledge and those who rant and rave in argumentative battles. This is the real threat and the true enemy that America faces…not the left, not the right, and not even the various middle grounds….but radicalism in it's truest form. In this article I am going to list the worst type of radicals. Those people who bring every one of us who want to prop America up and make it great again…and drag us down to the slum pit levels where their bias and opinion resides. It will not make many happy, it'll right piss some off, but I am compelled to relay the truth, and as a wise man once said….the truth hurts.

Lets start with the most angry form of radical: Sheeple. Sheeple are those who listen to the party and the mass media like sheep flocking to their Shepard. They will regurgitate anything that they hear in either precisely the same or different wording. These people do not care for facts, they don't care for research, what they say by their own volition is true even if it is obviously not true. They are the worst sort of debater and despite what many think…they are omnipresent on every political spectrum. The left who relies on their party diatribe and the mass media and the right who relies on opinion and second hand news. 

The next type of radical bringing us down I clearly label as the Crazies. The crazies are those who show loyalty to their party or side to the point of extremism. They'll defend every action, every word, and everything about their side and the other side is always wrong. Even worse they actually believe the other side of the political spectrum is an enemy and/or hates them. Each side has their crazies. The left has a very high number of crazies who hate the right and dedicate themselves to spreading fabricated issues and propaganda about the right to anyone and everyone. The right has a high number of crazies who think the government is out to get them, or display the trait to believe conspiracies no matter how stupid they are. Truthers are a good example, but most recently I have been combating fear mongering concerning the military and the gun ban debate. People think the military is going to get them….which is by far the stupidest thing to be thought in 2013 and possibly even 2012. Although it is fun to ask them for their spare tin foil hat…some are proud of being on the band wagon.

Another radical group I hate are the Ultimatimists. Those with the ultimatum that you are either with them or against them, and if you are perceived as being against them you are either stupid, or drinking the metaphorical kool-aid, or a member of the opposing political side (whatever is polar opposite). These are the types that usually cannot survive in a debate and resort to name calling, slurs, and emotional anger to back up their side. They are very closely connected to the crazies and all political sides have them.

The Arm-Chair Historians are next on our political radical list. Everyone seems to be a history expert online but if you listen to a lot of them it's quite obvious that most of them are not knowledgeable about the topics they talk about. For example the liberals have a nasty habit of calling the right racists and calling them out for hate….yet icily skate by the fact that the racism in this nation was pushed by the radical left. The Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazi's we're founded, ran, and operated by democrats – some of whom ran for and held political office. On the right we tend to love bringing up the topic of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia…but none of the comparisons we see actually match up to modern times. For one, like myself who has actually studied these topics in University….it's painful to see. 

The last group I will discuss are Fear Mongers. These types incite fear and sometimes actually believe their own fears to the point where it becomes a problem. All these types that believe the military and police are going to attack citizens, or that the federal government is out to get you and preparing for domestic war, or any other silly conspiracy. You guys are pushing an agenda of fear…even if you do not realize that your opinion is fear based or fear projected. Unfortunately the fear then becomes more visible to other types of radicals and they blow up the fear even worse. Making fear mongering one of the worst types of radicals bringing down America on my list.

While these are not every sort of radical; I think you get the idea. The divide in America is not between average citizens. It's between those too intolerant to accept the other party. Too bigoted to work together. Which is why I believe the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are both in their death throes. I believe in the next 15 years new groups will rise and our 2 party system could become more. Different forms of conservatism will be in play and different forms of liberalism. However this nation will learn how to work together…but we will have to get rid of the radicals first. A lot of radicals seem to think they are helping the nation, that they are pushing for change, and that it's something to be proud of…..it's not. Radicals are destroying this nation and those not radicalized tend to be those still trying to find their political voice. 

I do not know what the future holds but I want to go past left and right. I am a strong conservative but I am not a conservative like many of the people out there. I am my own breed, and I rock my own political style, and when I form my thoughts maybe I will put out my political party. My party will not be radicals however, they will be patriots, who know the damage of radicalism. 

  • http://patrioticvoices.com/community Ron Swanson

    Not all "radicals" are truthers, and the sort. Right wing, PATRIOTIS are the Extreme Right wing. The GOP and Republicans/main stream are the enemies here. anyone saying we need to evolve, and cave in to "changing times" is part of the problem.

  • http://patrioticvoices.com Cal Sullivan

    No, but all truthers are radicals. They just happen to be the featured image. We do need to evolve though. Clinging to death and old ideals will certainly not win us any seats in office nor will it revive this nation. Change is good. Patriots are those who can think for themselves and can debate on a higher level which excludes 90% of the extreme left and right wings I'm afraid. We cannot be afraid to restore this nation otherwise we will not restore this nation. 

  • wiseGuy

    Radicals are a plague on America and it’s a shame 90% of our leaders are radicals. The crazy ass liberals don’t help either with their smeaer campaign of the right. Wish they’d find a new hobby some day…or at least realize others have opinions and respect that.