Provisions in Obamacare bill forbids the restriction of guns.

It would seem that their were provisions added to the final Obamacare bill. These provisions effectively forbid the restrictions of firearms, and Ammuntion. These Provisions were added by Harry Reid who is a Democrat in the Senate.

These provisions may lead to some contention between Gun owners, the NRA, and Republicans on one side and Democrats as this story becomes more widely circulated. These provisions may become a sticking point for Republicans opposed to gun control. As well as a huge sticking point with members of the NRA.

The provision found on pages 2038 thru 2040, of the final passed bill basically say that gun restriction will not take place, and forbids such action from taking place.

Harry Reid added these provision fearing the NRA would essentially Crash and burn the ACA (Obamacare) bill. He added them to appease the largest opposing group to the bill the NRA.

It may seem to gun owners, the NRA, and Republicans that the Democrats are going back on a rule added by them to gain support for the ACA bill. How this will sit with the NRA is not known at this current time. Though one can speculate and say it may not go over to well.

As this story develops it should be interesting as to the different groups reactions and comments. Stay Tuned we will keep you posted as this story develops.