President Obamas Government Shutdown

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Healthcare is a tricky topic and everyone seems to be blaming everyone but I can’t understand why we can’t find the man behind President Obamas Government Shutdown


I’ve tried to write this article three times now and I just cannot get that bloggers spark. I can’t seem to find that inspiration to write this article when I know that I should. It boggles my mind that we are even at this point in our government and that we even need to be concerned about defaulting on our national budget and bills this Thursday. How does this happen? Then I stop and I think for a moment. I know exactly how this happened and why it continues and even more still why it will go on past Thursday. Our government can no longer function in a way that it should and it’s created a problem through what I have spoken to you on in the past. The tendency of leaders to rule rather than represent. That is ultimately what is driving me to write this blog post, that, and the fact that I go on the web and I see people confused out of their minds – congress has the lowest approval rating so far and so does President Obama; who is to blame?

Obviously this post is called President Obamas Government Shutdown so you know where I stand on this opinionated subject matter. Now you must read and understand how I came to this conclusion and why you should to. I’m not here to brain wash you or to hook you up to the bandwagon by your belt loops. My purpose is to enlighten and to wake up those under the political control; or as the web likes to call them “sheeple”. So lets explore the problems and inconsistencies of this issue and how it became how it did and why it is President Obamas Government Shutdown.


The massively bad healthcare bill rolled out last week and practically stabbed itself in the heart with it’s very many bugs and glitches, however is the heart of this issue. The bill need to be debated and it needs to be fixed…and President Obama has taken the position of “we will not negotiate”. I’m guessing President Obama has not read his history because stonewalling is not going to be a winning strategy. Even Stonewall Jackson, a confederate general, lost because of stubbornness – his own men shot him accidentally. How long will it be before the Democrats pull the rug from underneath Obama’s feet?

Time and Joe Biden

Vice President Biden as you know is the literal leader of the Senate and his power even goes above that of Majority Leader Harry Reid.Biden has a reputation around Washington DC as being an expert negotiator and mediator between party line issues and he has tackled many problems between parties. I’m not a very big supporter of Joe Biden but I am not going to misrepresent him. He’s earned that reputation fair and square. However we’ve had so much time before this deadline and we haven’t heard a peep out of him? Where is Biden? Seeing him missing in action tells me Obama is keeping him out of the action. Otherwise this might have already been solved.

The Scapegoats

Have you noticed that the left wing loves to blame the right wing for…well….everything. Even things that they’ve done and and haven’t gone their way have somehow magically found their way to the doorstep of the right. This issue is no different and the Democrats are yet again running another successful slander campaign to pin this on the right wing – however not everyone is getting it. Congress today has a 10.5% approval rating. President Obama has a 50.5 Disapproval rating; both downed number from already dismal rating levels. The biggest thing I want to point out here is the level of participation where the right wing has submitted 3 bills so far and either Harry Reid or Obama has struck them down without debate or a vote. Sometimes allegedly even illegally. The Democrats have not put forth any effort to fix this problem other than to spread the blame as far away from themselves and to plainly not do anything: their stance is to stonewall and as I’ve already shown…historically it’s not going to work for them.

The Will of the Citizens

Did you know that over 48.8% of the nation disapproves of Obamacare and doesn’t want it. The that was once hailed as a bill America needed by liberals and passed without even being read is actually a nightmare bill full of consequences that will hinder Americans in their search for healthcare. According to one study posted the effects of Obamacare could even cause Americans to lose 20 years on their lifespans – now I’m not sure how much I believe that one but this bill is no joke. I think the right wing is right to be standing up against it.

So the real question is….when will President Obamas Government Shutdown end and what will it mean for us average citizens? Are you ready to take a stand yet?