Patriots Movement Will Be At CPAC 2013

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I have to admit that I almost missed it. I wasn’t expecting to go to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) but here I find myself buying tickets. For the American Patriot Movement to grow and to get out there in the public’s eye it needs to be taken offline and networked amongst those already in politics. So I am taking up that mantle this year and I will be at CPAC for 2 out of it’s 3 operating days with a folder full of flyers and a pocket full of business cards. I’ll be out there amongst the conservative masses trying to explain, most likely, to a bunch of hard line right wingers why conservatism needs to evolve and how it can do so. It’s not a secret why we believe what we do….it’s about the citizen and individual liberties. I wouldn’t imagine that sort of thinking would face negative thought from a bunch of conservatives so we’ll see where I get. The clear or rather more obvious point is that something must change in conservatism for it to survive in this modern world.

I guess I’m going out of a personal interest as well. I can’t lie in this matter. I am very excited to see some of the scheduled speakers gives their presentations. For example Rand Paul will be speaking later on in the conference. I’ve written on Rand Paul in the past and I’ve been keeping a close eye on his political situation and his doings. His latest actions have been very close to my own political beliefs. However Rand Paul isn’t the only one I’m excited to see speak; there’s a non-politician in the crowd as well that I am very excited to see speak. Doctor Benjamin Carson, the renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, who patriotically stood 5 feet away from President Obama and told a conference of doctors why Obama’s administration was failing and how American is crumbling. He can be considered yet another Patriot I am keeping my eye on. There’s actually a whole slew of speakers I would love to hear out for various reasons. Some I am interested in hearing for entertainment purposes such as Donald Trump, others I would like to hear their post election reaction such as the now reclusive Mitt Romney and also Newt Gingrich, and for more information on the right and those seeking office I am interested to hear out Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, and Paul Ryan. Allen West will be speaking but unfortunately I will miss it due to work, however I do plan to see Sarah Palin come out and speak.

All in all it’s a very exciting time for me and I am very excited to attend the conference. I want to broaden my views and my movement’s views. Only by experience and education can I grow the movement into a comparable citizens movement like other groups out there. Right now we pose no threat to groups such as the Tea Party but consider this a knock on the door and a friendly greeting that we are in the neighborhood and asking questions. That we are not satisfied with the lack luster Tea Party, nor it’s selling out to the status quo, and certainly not it’s hijacking by the Republican Party. No movement can call itself a citizen movement after selling out to the same leaders who helped lead us into this mess – someone needs to stand up to the liberals and words are just not working anymore. It’s time to take a real stand. I’m also looking forward to making political connections and meeting some of the press. I am actually in the process of applying for a press pass in order to represent the American Patriot Movement and Patriotic Voices but I’m not sure I’ll be allowed to – they are requiring a photo ID for bloggers at the door and as you are probably aware my internet alias is not real. I am not ready to release myself to the world and the world is not ready to know who I am either – I’m just a citizen, no one special at all, and until the movement takes root and we gain supporters and are able to hold meetings I probably will not reveal myself. There is no need to.

If you are interested in going to CPAC 2013 you might be interested to know that it is being held in Washington DC this coming weekend. That’s March 14-16 2013. The prices are variable for 3 day passes but worth it. I’ll actually get in quite cheap this year because I can still claim myself under a Young Conservatives Pass for $40 (the max age for it is 24 and I wont be 25 until May). However the prices you can expect will be $195(+). If you go…you wont know me…and I wont know you….but I’m excited to meet you all regardless.

Just remember how politics are to you and your family. Get involved and be heard. It’s not hard and if you really want I’ll even help you. Leave me a comment on it and I’ll set you up. Remember what Ronald Reagan once said: “I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts“.

Edit: Since this post we had renamed ourselves Patriots Movement.


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