Obamacare is the Result of Repeating Historical Mistakes

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Watching Obamacare flounder and flop around while the American citizen suffers reminds me of some lessons we apparently did not learn from history. It’s like we’re taking two steps back and then claiming that we’re moving ahead. Enough of this!


I was watching an interview today that stemmed from the topic of Obamacare. Now I’ve spoken enough about Obamacare and the debacle that has become our healthcare system but I haven’t had the chance to analyze Obamacare as a conceptual political movement rather than a law that affects the citizen. Both sides are equally important in their own way and will forge different changes in our lives and how our nation works in the future. The interviewee was Charles Krauthammer, a man who is a genius among strategists and pollsters, and something he said was what sparked this. He said in fewer words that Obamacare is such a bad bill and is immersed so greatly in the concept of big government, that it could set American liberalism back by a decade or more. I agree with that assertion but only in a sense where America has to wake up and pick better leaders or we will be in a worse situation. Whereas Krauthammer looks to the future and predicts liberalism to be set back I look to the past and realize that Americans will be set back. We clearly have not learned the lessons of those who have come before us and we are precariously walking down the pathway of yet another nation who fell into disparity. In 1933 Germany fundamentally changed based on big government ideals and values that are similar to the ones Obamacare presents.

Obamacare and its concept of Government rule is a system we have encountered before and it has never worked in the past. In fact almost everything America is, is not, what government control presents. The only thing I ask is for my readers to read this article with an open mind. Only the citizen can dig us out of this massive hole and learning comes before understanding.

You Can Keep Your Health Insurance and You Can Keep Your Businesses

The President is going around the nation this week on a massive defense campaign on many of the problems involving Obamacare. He was in Boston yesterday trying again to no avail. However the one most prevalent in the media right now is the President’s promise that everyone could keep their health insurance, which turned out to be a large scale lie to pass the bill, and now has lead 2 million Americans to lose their health insurance with the numbers rising every day. Now I’ll remind you that Hitler once promised the German Jews that they would not be treated any differently, that they could keep their businesses, and what happened? Suddenly the Jews had to wear golden stars, and we’re treated as second class citizens, and then The Night of Broken Glass finally broke the illusion and these people lost their businesses and even more their lives. Now of course I’m not saying the President is going to launch a massive extermination of the uninsured, but the promises are comparable, whereas Americans we’re promised they could keep their health insurance and German Jews we’re promised they could keep their businesses. Seems neither group got either promise fulfilled.

Now is my example a little extreme. Yes. Yes it is. However look at the times we live in. We elected President Obama, one of the worst Presidents in US history, for a second term. It’s like the employee who destroys your business being given a promotion – do you really think that’s going to work out in the end? So I think extreme is necessary at this point. Americans have shown logic won’t do it….so if we shock the mind…perhaps they’ll figure it out.

Big Government in Your Health and Lives

Anyone who has read Obamacare and understands it realizes that this nightmarish bill is only helping a certain sector of the population at the expense of another. Let’s put it in a different yet still accurate light – this bill sacrifices the younger populations for the older population. See in Obamacare the government decides what sort of healthcare you get and how much you pay, whereas if you paid for a lesser plan before in private that did have features you didn’t need for less money, you now get all of these features in your new plan at a much higher price. This means now we are paying for features we do not even need…for example a healthy male will still be paying for Maternity assistance. Like that is ever going to be used. So the younger population that does not need as many services is paying higher premiums in order to support the older population that does need these features. It puts new emphasis on spending the future generation’s money before they even have a chance. Even worse is the Presidents promise that everyone would keep your health insurance plan if you liked it, 2 million people losing their healthcare later, and suddenly it’s the Government decides if your plan is up to par or not regardless of what you think. The lie exposed! So now we’re talking about having the government decide not only our healthcare, but how we get our healthcare, how we pay, how much we pay, what you get, and how you go about getting it. Do you honestly think that is going to work?

Let’s quickly flash back to Nazi Germany for a moment for the comparison of big government ideals. The third Reich was all about government oversight where the government controlled certain aspects of your life. From healthcare, to income level, the car you drove, and even how you went on vacation. Simply put…everything.  It got so radical that people had to apply for licenses just to have children and had strict lists of what they could name their child. Big government does not work – government is ruled by the people and for the people and as you can see the values of Obamacare do not match our society. The citizen has rights and even if our leaders choose to forget that fact…we cannot. This is the path we are heading down.

The Obamacare Fall Out

Charles Krauthammer is right about American liberalism being set back and to be honest I hope he is right. America cannot take anymore abuse and it needs to recover. I don’t believe for a second America is stupid enough to put a liberal into power in 2016 after the mess President Obama has made. However unless we wake up, and we figure out what to do, and we actually take action….then it won’t happen. We run the risk of actually destroying this great nation. So there is no doubt that liberalism is going to suffer from their actions over Obamacare…but will America? I hope not.


  • Johnky J

    •the requirement that individuals purchase a health insurance plan designed and approved by government bureaucrats
    •the rebellion at the state level, in fact, is both widespread and multi-dimensional… Some states will vote on similar repeal measures; in others, legislation has been introduced challenging various aspects of the law; still others have banded together to challenge the constitutionality of the individual mandate in lawsuits.
    •the House of Representatives even voted recently to repeal one provision of Obamacare that will impose draconian paperwork requirements on millions of small businesses.

  • Brian

    Will it be more affordable now with better care? How will Obamacare affect the people that do not work?

  • mendhak

    I will be starting a Medical Coding and Transcription course this fall. I am concerned how, if at all, Obamacare might change the outlook for this profession. Will job openings become less and less? Will it remain the same? Can an experienced coder please share their opinion?

  • Bryant B

    If Obamacare is so good for everyone, why are so many politically connected groups and politically connected companies and supporters of Obamacare getting waivers?

    How many officially have been given waivers?

    If Obama is so proud of Obamacare, why are waivers being granted?

  • wwwavid360gamercom

    and not the high-end care that we used to have?
    Age 65? Too old for a joint replacement; tough sh*t.
    Age 65? Too old for cancer chemo; go home and die, here’s a pain pill.
    Age 65? Too old for a stent; take some pills, go home and die.
    and there are provisions to cut off care for handicapped as well as elderly.
    Obamacare is great for vaccines, strep throat, cheap cancer chemo for some age groups.
    Long lines, surly staff, like the DMV, will be the new Obamacare. They even plan GROUP appointments, where you and 12 others with the same condition meet with 1 doctor for a quick appointment.
    Specialists are pain no more than general practitioners, and are fleeing or quitting at high numbers.
    Annals of Internal Medicine predicts 70,000 preventable deaths per year due to the MENU deprivations of aftercare and denial of service. 35,000 in the elderly category alone. Even reductions in janitorial staff leads to more pneumonia deaths.
    Plus you cannot cash pay for off-menu services since doctors risk losing their license, fines and jail (hospitals too) if they go “off menu” — you have to go to another country for them.
    They used fake W.H.O. statistics to justify this lower quality healthcare for Americans.

  • Mak Sultan

    It is on it’s way to the Supreme Court now, and I am assuming that the Justices will uphold that ObamaCare is unconstitutional, since 5 out of the 9 Justices on the Court are conservative. Can we all pretty much assume now that ObamaCare is done for?

  • Lachlan

    Obamacare expands Medicare in the states. Therefore, states will cut school budgets to make up for the massive deficits. Thereby, local cities will raise property taxes.
    “Property taxes are county taxes.”

    But school budgets arent.

  • Phillip123

    10 years of taxes to pay for 6 years of Obamacare was the first dirty trick. What other games did they play to deceive us?

  • Agent 47

    Why would illegal families choose the clinic – when they can just go to the ER, mussel their way to the front of the line – and get treated much faster?

    Liberals say we spend too much treating illegals in ER’s and obamacare will fix that

    how? Why would illegals start waiting in line at clinics, when they can just go to the ER for free?

  • sakyue1993

    Why don’t the Democrats give in? The majority of people in this country do not like the health care law. Even people in the Obama Administration said that Obamacare is going to do more harm then good. People are just blaming Republicans, and I am like this: Our government is too big, they understand that. Democrats however, do not. I just don’t understand why they won’t give in? I mean the question people should be asking about Obamacare if it is so great: if it is so great, why are the politicians exempt from the law itself?

  • Salam

    Ok more people are gonna have insurance now. But look at how many jobs are gonna be lost. Businesses are gonna cut their employees down to under 50 so they don’t have to provide insurance. Even where I work they actually said they’re gonna do it if Obamacare goes through. And they’re actually gonna remove a department in their business to do this, showing that this will hurt small businesses too. I never really heard anyone point this out, how jobs are going to be lost because of this.

  • SteveO

    Obamacare guarantees that insurance companies cannot turn you down for pre-existing conditions. For that reason, young and healthy people should cancel their insurance. Paying the Obamacare penalty would probably be cheaper than paying for health insurance. Then when you get sick or get a serious injury you can get insurance after the fact. The insurance companies wont be able to refuse you.
    @Carl: The insurance would cost more but what would cost even more than that would be to go without the insurance. Young people more than likely will never need the insurance anyway. Obamacare guarantees that they can go without insurance and still have it when they need it.
    @Jared: Insurance doesn’t take a week to buy.
    @Jared: Also, it’s not just “a little more” to get real insurance. It’s a LOT more.

  • Gage

    I’m a lifelong republican, but recent trouble with healthcare has, I think, opened my eyes to the horrible reality of healthcare in our country. What exactly is Obamacare? Is it a good thing? What are the pros and cons?

  • ericmreitz

    Why is it Obamacare is good for the people of the US but not good for the government officials?

  • Bryan J

    Also the entire executive branch, Congress, their staffs and families too? This different treatment may be the most annoying part of ObamaCare.

    The public has watched with disgust the shenanigans in Washington, where healthcare policies for the political class and federal workers are exempt from the healthcare laws that apply to the rest of us. Even the IRS agents who are in charge of enforcing ObamaCare on the rest of us do not want to be subject to it. Why not Equalize? I thought Liberals was all about equality?