Obamacare is Hurting Our Great Nation


Obamacare, the President’s so called chief accomplishment while in office, is rampaging around America like a 3 year old who didn’t get that candy bar in the store that he wanted. It’s hurting Americans, hurting our healthcare system, and causing millions to lose their insurance.


Two weeks ago we got this thing called Obamacare and the affordable care act. We saw both sides go at it and we even suffered a short government shut down because of it. Conservatives are starkly against the bill because it’ll raise taxes, create a hostile healthcare system, and hurt the middle and lower class. The liberals want it because…the President told them to support it. I don’t really know their reasoning but Harry Reid has a major dose of puppet syndrome and I suspect it’s contagious. Both sides are in a massive tug of war over this bill, the system is progressively and quickly destroying itself just by its own operations, and we are likely to run into another government shutdown come January. What gives? Where are we citizens left standing on this bill and how can we understand it when our own leaders passed it three years ago without even reading it and to this day clearly do not understand it?

I tried not to dip into this subject too much because everyone is doing it. I’m not one who goes with the trends or with the hot topics going on. I focus on the values, morals, and real world problems in America. This week Obamacare stepped up onto the platform known as real world problem in America.

What a joke this thing is

Last week the Obamacare health exchange went online, and offline, and then online again. Actually it continued a pattern just like that for a week where people could not register, log-in, or do virtually anything. In fact the catastrophic problems on the online exchange still continue today. This could be chalked up to new website woes but I find that awfully hard to do when we realize that the Canadian firm that made the site was paid over 100 billion in tax payer revenue. Facebook handles more traffic and is infinitely more complex in its own way and it was created by a drunken Harvard student in a dorm room. So considering that fact…this website is just a massive failure. Worse still is the fact that Michelle Obama has recently been uncovered to have personal ties with the contracted company! So now we have a scandal on top of a healthcare melt down. The website is actually so bad that the President cannot even defend it any longer! How long until he has to take this approach with the whole initiative? Soon I would imagine! It just can’t get any worse…but it has.

Not wanted by anyone

After a week of being online less than 10% of the nation has signed up for Obamacare – this is of course a guesstimate based off the individual statistics taken by states. We have to guesstimate because the Obama Administration refuses to release any statistics or numbers concerning the bill! Now come on folks…those with something to hide usually try their best to evade and that’s what’s going on here. Even Obama fans such as Jennie Johnson, the excited retired postal worker interviewed by KHOU Houston as saying she would be the first to sign up for the bill has been waiting for three weeks! The current state tally for Washington as of earlier this week was that only 13% of the population out of the entire state had signed up! People simply do not want Obamacare the polls suggest it’s as unpopular as ever. Of course one cannot deny that several million Americans have now signed up after two weeks of instability and problems but out of a population of 316,960,155 American citizens in this nation…even those large numbers are still pretty dismal. One can even joke that it’s getting worse as time goes by as it’s estimated a new citizen is born every 10 seconds! These million that have signed up however have shown yet another problem that is about to come into play.


Medicaid for everyone!

It seems that insurance is so expensive now that the term “Affordable Care Act” is a joke among many circles. It’s about as affordable as a hole in the head and in some cases people are seeing their insurance premiums going up 100-300%. We see Democrats coming out now going…wait a moment…this is not what we we’re promised! Popular blogger on the Daily KOS (yeah…you read that right) Tirge Caps notably came out in a blog post denouncing Obamacare because he and his wife had realized that their monthly insurance bills doubled under Obamacare. Of course the story was quickly hidden after the radical liberals who harbor that site ripped him a new one and claimed he was a conservative plant….this an allegation on a man who writes on a radical liberal website and has over 60 popular writings there and is well recognized. Riddle me confused and amused at the same time over that one. These plans are so expensive that people are quickly going to Medicaid as their program of choice. They have chosen a governmental program over private insurance rates on the exchange and that’s a double edged sword! First side of the sword is that vital insurance companies in our economy are depending on people to sign up for their plans to make profit. We’re killing the economy like this. Second side is that now over half the people on Obamacare are now dependent on a government program for their healthcare. We’ll see how long that works out.

Jobs, Hours, Livelihoods Cut Down

This bill is no joke even if it’s been made into a complete joke…but don’t worry it’s the offensive spoiler that ends this article and you can wait for it. We nightmare stories on this bill all the time and we have to consider the facts here….it’s not even in full operation. It’s not even functioning properly in its partial operation and we’re already talking about religious freedoms being violated, Jobs being lost, and even worse….millions of Americans are losing their health insurance because of this bill!

We have to ask ourselves. How bad is bad enough to take action, to stand up, and to stay STOP! We the citizens of this nation want our rights and liberties back. I think an even larger question is…how long is it going to take Obamacare to tear itself apart without any help from its opposition.

A parody worth seeing

Now I don’t claim to be politically correct. In fact I am starkly against the plague that is political correctness which is why I can present this video. Could it be taken offensively? You betcha…but I trust you are all adults and can recognize comedy. This video is one of those Hitler clips where they modify the words Hitler says while he’s throwing a tantrum. The sad thing is all the dialogue is correct. It’s hilarious! Share it around while it’s still available.

  • http://patrioticvoices.com/ Matt Gray
  • Thomas Lopez

    *Social Issues*

    -Oppose Abortion (100% No Exceptions).
    -Oppose Gay Marriage.
    -Supports Counseling for Transgender People.
    -Oppose Gun Control.
    -Support the Death Penalty for Murderers, Child Molesters, Viciously Assaulting Law Enforcement, and Drug Dealers.
    -Support Laws That Allow Home Owners to Use Whatever Means They Deem Necessary in Protecting Their Family, Themselves, and Their Property.
    -Opposes the DREAM Act and any Bill That Gives Amnesty to Illegals.
    -Supports Making American English the Official Language of the United States.
    -Supports the USA Patriot Act.
    -Opposes Planned Parenthood.
    -Supports School-Wide Prayer.
    -Pro-War as Long as it Helps the National Interests of the United States.
    -Supports Laws That Keep Marijuana Illegal and Supports Laws to Ban Cigarettes.
    -Supports Raising Taxes on Tattoos and Exotic Piercings.
    -Opposes any Legislation That Tries to Implement the Separation of Church and State.
    -Supports Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
    -Supports Caning of Criminals.
    -Supports an Electric Fence or Wall on the Border of Mexico and Towers With Armed Military Units to Make Sure Illegals to Not Pass Over Our Borders.

    *Fiscal Issues*

    -Supports Capitalism and Keeping Jobs In America.
    -Opposes any Affirmative Action Programs Believing That Businesses Know who They Need to Hire, Not the Government.
    -Supports the Privatization of Social Security.
    -Supports Low Taxes and Tax Cuts For the Rich as They are the Ones That Give the Rest of us Jobs.
    -Supports Laws That Restrict Healthcare to Illegal Immigrants.
    -Opposes Obamacare and Plans Similar to Obamacare.


  • Matt

    As a 14 year old, I’m concerned about our nation’s future and I belive that the Democratic party has played a principal role in making our lives more difficult in the future with debt.

    First, the party was founded with Andrew Jackson, who was a racist that drove out Native Americans from their homelands unconstitutionally. Then, the party worked to promote slavery in the South and made the Union dissolve. The traitors then fought Reconstruction and continued to advocated segregation policies into the 1960’s. Additionally, the Democratic Party has fought for 1960’s liberl values that are against our beliefs and our heritage. They forget that we are one nation under GOD, we have the right to our religion, our sacred 2nd Amendment right, and the fact that our rights came from our Creator, not government! They support abortion(the holocaust of our generation) and support gay marriage, immorality, and soft-on-crime policies.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, Democrats are also to thank for the socialism that has seriously hurt our country over the years. First, the Democrats under Woodrow Wilson created the federal reserve, which hurt the value of our currency and encourages big government. Starting in the 1930’s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt set our country on the path of an unsustainable welfare state with social security. Then, Lyndonb B. Johnson added Medicare and Medicaid, both of which are bankrupting our nation. Now, Barack Hussein Obama passed an unconstitutional health care law, tantamount to socialism, that forces all Americans to buy health insurance. While this is bad enough, the Democrats(hypocrites) give waivers to the businesses they like because these people KNOW that Obamacare kills jobs.

    Finally, Paul Ryan offers a first step to reforming the entitlement programs that will bankrupt my generation in debt. But the Democrats oppose it for politics as if they aren’t serious about reducing the debt. Obama promised to cut the deficit in half and instead it skyrocketed.

    So, enlighten me liberals, what is your plan to help solve the debt problems my generation will face? Neither Barack Obama nor the Democrats have offered one yet.

    We the people are the masters, not government! When will we start returning government to the people, lower taxes, and bring America back to the free market system that made us great?
    Nearly every Republican voted for the Ryan budget.

    The federal reserve weakened the value of our dollar. http://www.suite101.com/content/how-the-federal-reserve-destroyed-the-us-economy-a300368