Obama, Morsi, and our Gift of Military Power

Here is a story that's been kept under wraps for some reason except on the political underground where you can find all sorts of news. Are you, the American tax payer, aware that you are directly sponsoring and aiding our enemies in the Middle East? It's true. The State Department under the direction of President Obama, has to the displeasure of Congress, still pledged to send Egypt a gift of 20 F-16 fighter jets and 200 Abrams tanks worth more than 1.3 Billion Dollars. After 4 jets being packaged and sent, and after the the last 3 months in Egypt one is only left call this State Department decision entirely stupid and we'll dive into why.

Morsi is not our friend. That this is the first thing we need to realize in this new Egypt. The newly proclaimed dictator Mohammed Morsi is everything the US has fought to get rid of in the Middle East for over 10 years. He's a radical Islamist leader with firm belief in Shariah Law ruling the day in Egypt. He is backed by a very anti-American and anti-Israelis group called the Muslim Brotherhood who has been known to make statements against the US and Israel. In fact one of the Muslim Brotherhood Leaders just the other day claimed that the Holocaust never happened and that all Jews during WW2 actually escaped to the US and then conveniently died in a series of car accidents – a claim that even the craziest of crazies are still trying to figure out. Returning to Morsi however it should be noted that the man himself is anti-American and anti-Israel; in 2010 he referred to Jews as "bloodsuckers" and "descendants of pigs and apes". 

So one has to wonder why we are supporting the enemy. That's what it comes down to. Egypt is no longer our friend and ally. Radical Islam has taken it over and the people are fighting back. Unlike most of the Middle East the Egyptians enjoyed Democracy and freedoms not found elsewhere in the Middle East. While many are Muslim at the same time not many supported Shariah Law taking over their nation. The biggest hit to Egypt however was when Morsi declared himself the unconditional leader of Egypt. One cannot blame the people for the outrage that has pursued.

Riots, anger, and violence – the people are swelling up to meet the Government forces. The situation is very similar in fact to Syria in it's early days before the Civil War. Look what happened there. Military force used in genocide against the people. War crimes being committed everywhere. Hundreds of thousands of people dead with the man pulling the strings still in office. Is it conceivable that this could be Egypt one day…..YES, yes it is. 

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a jet that lead America's Air Force for decades and still flies today on many Air Force Bases. It is a strong piece of machinery with the power to out gun and out maneuver a lot of air craft presently in the Middle East which by the way is mostly post soviet equipment such as old MiG Fighter Jets. While it can be said that it is no match against the F-22 or the F-35 it still poses a threat to anyone declared an enemy. 

♦  So let's review the State Department's decision shall we? In light of all of this knowledge, this very easy to find knowledge, we are still:

♦  Giving superior military war craft to a nation that is potentially an enemy.

♦  Enabling a government who is already attacking it's own citizens with higher fire power.

♦  Increasing the strength of the Egyptian Air Force and matching it evenly with the Israeli Air Force.

♦  Giving away 1.3 Billion dollars that America, the tax payer, and the nation in general cannot afford to give away.

♦  Providing 200 top level tanks that can easily cross the desert to whatever purpose they are directed to.

♦  Supporting radical Islam and Shariah Law to take over a democracy and legitimizing a dictator.

Does anyone else find this wrong? Not just wrong but so insanely stupid? Even President Obama can't defend this one…but he has tried. He's tried a few times to justify this deal and to say that it will continue. All of that despite common sense….despite intel….despite history. What are we doing? When did American foreign policy fall so low?

Luckily we still have some common sense warriors still fighting for this nation in power. Rand Paul is writing a bill that will ban the F-16 and Abram Tank deal from going further (mind that 4 F-16's have already shipped). We can only hope our leaders have enough sense to pass it and to stop this bill before we cause Egypt to fall any further into disparity.