Nurse Refuses To Do CPR: SICKENING

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Folks today’s topic is not about politics but about ethics and a shocking news story I cannot contain to myself. Usually I’m all about the American Patriot Movement and getting it off the ground and I let the media hang itself in it’s own noose. However this one hit home and I just cannot stay silent about it. No doubt you will have heard this recent scenario. In a California Nursing Home a patient went down into cardiac arrest in front of a registered nurse….said nurse called 911…and when asked,pleaded, and begged by the dispatcher to do CPR….refused out right citing some bullshit policy. Now as medical provider myself I am absolutely sickened and my co-workers we’re equally sickened. This goes beyond politics because I get along with one nurse who is really really progressive. She and I politically are polar opposites but then again I save all the political speeches for you all and I don’t bother creating bad blood at work; she was even sickened by this story. It goes against everything us as healthcare providers have learned, know, and have ever realized in our jobs. It’s sickening to be honest but we’ll dive into this topic and we’ll hit home on yet another political topic: the every changing healthcare in this nation and the standards we should respect from our providers.

For those who think I’m only a political personality on the web let me start by giving you my credentials. I’ve been in healthcare since I was 16 years old and I have excelled in the topics I have put myself towards. I have been an EMT for 8 years now (many of these years volunteer), and I have been a Surgical Technologist for 3 years during my time in the Air Force, and even more I am actively a nursing student pursuing higher education as a registered nurse. I am training and seeking the rights to do the job that Californian nurse has just sullied and defiled nation wide. Now people have to consider the what if scenarios. If I have an emergency can I expect medical providers and even those in uniform to aid me? Personally as a volunteer EMT I stop at car crashes I see on the highway in my own car to see if people need help – I’ve come across a major car accident more than once and have found myself the sole provider in care of multiple trauma patients; desperately waiting for paid back up to arrive before I exhaust my meager little car BLS bag. Those are my standards but even still the basic standards of the healthcare provider is to at least save lives when on the job. This nurse didn’t even do that. In fact her facility condemns CPR and forbids it in any situation. How can you as a human being watch another person die without so much as caring or even trying to help? I’m fairly disgusted by it and I don’t think that’s any surprise to you given the tone of this posting. I sincerely hope the California Department of Health Services steps in an investigates because if anyone deserves having their license pulled it is in this lady by far.

Let’s not have any supposed DNR ( Do Not Resuscitate ) Orders guess work in the comment section either. The devil is in the details. If the patient has a DNR Order….why call 911? Why was a MICU (that’s a paramedic ambulance) dispatched under urgent conditions (full lights and sirens). Why was a dispatcher kept on the phone line? Clearly the nurse expected someone to revive this patient. Clearly this person wasn’t a total loss. Clearly this person did not have  DNR Order….otherwise the Nursing Home would have done what every other nursing home in this nation does: handle it in-house. Every other nursing home takes the time and calls the family, calls the funeral home, and the whole kit and kaboodle is done right there with no panic at all. This was clearly not the scenario, and this nurse was negligent, following facility rules that we’re clearly in violation of all morals and ethics (also possibly illegal).

Medical policy in this nation is out of control. What fosters the actions of this nurse and facilities like this is the law. The law is there to supposedly carry justice but every medical provider knows that it takes less than anything to be crucified by the legal system. Your license and livelihood can be snatched in a moment from anything. Right now medical lawsuits are so stringent that people who didn’t have anything to do with a “victim” but say hello to them in a hallway are still being held responsible. The legal system when it comes to medicine is unfair and broken. Medical providers we’re leaving the system before Obamacare and Obamacare has only made more run only faster still. America needs healthcare reform…badly…but it needs real healthcare reform. Obamacare is not the answer. Big budget bills that socialize medicine and make it even less safe for a medical provider to work are killing our medical system. Patients have rights but so do medical providers and that is not reflected upon in the current system. This is what enables and prompts these facilities to make these sort of rules and I’m sure later the facility will be quoted in court (because someone is going to take them there) that they feared malpractice and frivolous lawsuits. This nurse, although negligent, probably feared a lawsuit or getting fired. The entire situation is screwed up and just disgusting but I hope you can truly see some of the issues from the other side of the coin.

Healthcare must be reformed in this nation however it must be done right, with the input and support of medical providers, and not the heavy handed politicians who don’t have a clue. If you wish to read the original news story you can do so here at ABC News or you can google it as many publications from all over the world reported it.