Liberal Debate and Debaters Explained

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All You Need to Know about Liberal Debate

I’ll admit I enjoy a liberal debate more than anyone else and I love getting down and dirty with anyone and everyone when it comes to politics. I love politics. However I have a special place in my heart for liberal debaters because they are all the same and they all act like they cannot debate. Now do not get me wrong because I have met some really good liberal debaters. Too bad these fellows are usually silenced by their louder and more bellicose co-liberals in a liberal debate. This topic was sparked by a liberal debate I was just in on a site called SodaHead where a liberal user complained that the right wing groups on the site we’re attacking others on the site…only she did it by posting an attack thread herself and failed to note that the liberal side does the exact same thing. Hypocritical at best, comical at least, and just down right sad when you think about it. A lot of liberals follow the same pattern when debating and it’s really easy to call them out so this topic is about liberal debaters on the Internet (and sadly sometimes in offline politics). I am very sure this article will piss off some of the left and to be honest I really hope it does because perhaps they will realize what they are doing and fix it. It’s not rocket science. Here are the top five things you can expect to see from a liberal when debating them.


Profanity/Personal Attacks in a Liberal Debate- Don’t get a good liberal down with facts. They will always attack the person they are debating. Sometimes they will be vulgar about it and other times they will try to just be smart asses. Either way you will know when one comes by and replies to you. Often you’ll see attacks claiming mental disorder, not taking medications, and other nonsense that I assume makes their egos swell.

Hateful Images – The liberals love to use hateful images to incite anger. They’ll use meme’s, troll images, and more just to attack another debater. Their use of imagery and context might not even be appropriate but they’ll still goad on.

Selective History – The liberals love to twist history to fit their own needs. I’ve had a few come at me with some good arguments. Then again I’ve had a few try to tell me Hitler was a Christian or that Hitler was a right wing radical which are obvious deviations from actual history.

Anger – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happy liberal debater. Ever. They always seem so angry and emotional. They take every topic like an personal insult hurled at them.

Bullying – Many liberals like to bully and like to goad people. I’ve ever seen a few liberals who did not bully another, or call for other liberals to make an attack circle on anyone who replies.

Liberal Debate Characteristics

These are my experiences at least. I keep hoping I”ll find a liberal who can debate someday. You know without the problems we just discussed but I realize if I hold my breath for such a thing I might just die. I don’t ever expect to find a real liberal debater online but here is to hoping.

Liberate Debate Explained