Gun Manufacturers Escaping Anti-Gun Areas

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Another problem about gun control, and seriously add this to the bottom of that very long and problematic list you are keeping, is that gun smiths and gun manufacturers are escaping town and moving to safer areas. Maryland’s Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley is a perfect example of a ignoramus falling to this trap. O’Malley is in the process of pushing one of America’s most ambitious anti-gun policies through the state legal system and one of Maryland’s largest companies Beretta is in the process of leaving the state. See Beretta’s’ products, which are used by millions of America, oh and the military and the Feds….will now be considered illegal under the new Maryland laws. Don’t think O’Malley is alone either because there are more than a few liberal twits pushing anti-gun agendas directly against the wants of the citizens they pretend to represent. Maryland is not alone in this stupidity….and don’t even get me started on New York’s resident crack pot Michael Bloomberg who is now banning guns, styrofoam, and two liter soda bottles.

Actions have consequences and the liberals are starting to realize this. We’re in a down economy and we’re driving away business by promoting absurd and lubricous agendas that America doesn’t even want. Beretta for example hosts over 400 jobs in the state of Maryland in addition to paying over 30 million in state taxes and investing into over 70 million in state assets. That is a lot of tax payer money this governor is risking for his crazy little agenda. I wonder how long his constituents are going to put up with this? Beretta has been known to make good on their threats as well. In 1990 Maryland was considering additional gun laws as well and Beretta threatened and successfully moved a part of it’s operation to Virginia. Have no confusion that they’ll do it again.

States with sane leaders not pushing for the restriction of constitutional rights are doing the right thing as well. Texas’s Governor Rick Perry for example advertising to these companies with the promise that Texas will never pass shallow anti-gun agenda laws. In this climate Texas sounds like a dream come true for these companies. If you can afford the move…which of course a lot of the mom and pop gun smith businesses cannot. Maryland gun smiths are going to have to defend against bankruptcy and having their products deemed illegal. Will they survive? Maybe and maybe not. Point is Maryland, and like states, are about to lose a lot of money over a silly proposal that has no business being in the state courts in the first place. Stricter gun laws are not the answer and have never been the answer.

What we have to realize is that the liberals are anti-gun for no other reason than because they do not like guns. Some legitimately blame guns for violence without realizing the real factors of the violence they are seeing. Others listen to the big heads on TV talk about guns and how the right supports them and takes an anti-gun stance because they see the other aisle as the enemy (AKA radicals). Even more are fooled by the propaganda on the television and by the President aggressively going after guns. I just wont when these people are going to wake up from their delusion. Guns are not the problem and banning them does one and only one thing. It opens the door up for the Federal government to start taking away your rights and liberties. This is the testing ground…give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. If you let the government compromise even one of your rights then where does the buck stop? When is enough and enough and how much will they seize and take away before you realize what they are doing? This is the danger of big government.

Even more so problematic is not all Americans are sheeple. True a good many of them are as gullible as can be now…but not all of us just yet. Us conservatives and patriots recognize the need for gun rights and we are more than willing to put up a fight against the anti-gun agenda. We know these new laws serve no purpose, burden the public with taxes, and we are well aware of the government testing the waters. You’ll notice red states such as Texas are already making such federal gun laws nullified. Texas again for example has made it a class D misdemeanor for any law enforcement official of any level who seeks to seize guns away from citizens…even if it is because of a federal mandate. I applaud these states for such measures and for the courage to protect citizen rights. As I posted yesterday secession is right around the corner and only by correcting our mistakes can we prevent it. A federal gun ban is almost like opening the gate to such a conclusion. The point is Americans will not stand for it.

Thomas Jefferson knew even in his time what this controversy was all about and quoted upon it several times. One of these quotes matches this article. Jefferson once said “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it“.

  • AR15

    It’s going to take more than common sense to send the liberals packing on this gun agenda thing. They don’t care about rights or liberties. They want something so it’s their way or the highway. I say hell no. Us Patriots are going to stand up to that shit!

    • rockne1865

      There are just as many Sheeple on both sides! Remember what Franklin said “those who give up Freedom for Security Will Have Neither!”

      • rockne1865

        The Right let George Bushit take our right to trial away & they (Bushit & Darth Vader!) Condoned Torture, all the experts agree does not produce any useable information, the good treatment German soldiers got in WW1 saved American lives in WW2 because Germans remember their fathers telling them that if you serenader to the Americans you will be treated well & because of thIs they treated Americans better the. They treated the Russians a lot better! Plus with the Republicans if your not rich your Sub Menchen! Remember the Republicans financed the Nazis before the War Prescott Bush ran a Nazi bank in America & tried to get the money out But FDR put a freeze on German money leaving the country!
        FDR was the greatest thing to happen to America since 1776! Look up the dates Republicans served as president & check that against the economy when Republicans are in there are always bank failures, Republican economics don’t work!

        • rockne1865

          America must END Free Trade & return to Fair Trade the Founding Fathers raised all the money to run America from Tariffs on imported goods they wanted jobs for Americans READ what they wrote the Founding Fathers did not want anyone to have large amounts of cash, they thought that large amounts of cash would corrupt the system they saw little difference between kings & people with large amounts of cash! So when you side with the rich against yourself, i.e. against the working class, unions, health care, pollution, worker safety! Your taking a stand against the ideas of the Founding Fathers!
          They did not like rich people!

  • rockne1865

    Hey I’m a life long Democrat & I don’t even like background checks ever get into a fight when you were 8 years old your on the list some teacher put you on it & your never getting off of it! You’ll never get a hunting licence own a gun for self defense I think if someone breaks into your home you should be able to shoot them if they attack you on the street you be able to shoot them but if your walking down the street minding your own business & Zimmerman jumps you with no athority what so ever you should be able to defend yourself & Zimmerman would go to jail for assault because if he did to me what he did to Trayvon I would have kicked his ass & broke his arm when he pulled that gun! See that’s the Democrat in me I think black kids have every bit as much right as me to walk the streets I don’t believe in curfews either I don’t believe anyone has the right to force their Religion on me or my kids, I think everybody should belong to a union, I believe that humans should to everything to clean the air water & food because we are the ones who made it dirty & we should put tarrif on things made without pollution standards 40 hour work weeks, worker safety standards! For all you people who claim to be Christians you remember the do unto others…… Well the Republican politicians you vote for don’t believe in any of those things they believe only the working class should pay taxes they want to take away your grandmother’s SSI I’m old enough to remember dirtier air & water you can thank the Democrats of my generation for cleaner air & the Democrats of my grandfathers generation for SSI! & you can thank the Republicans of those generations for all the Depressions since FDR which by the way. Don’t hurt the really rich, only the working class & the poor!

    • Cal Sullivan

      Thank you for your input. It’s always refreshing to see comments from other political spectrum come in. We’re not quite there yet where we get a lot of comments in either direction I’m afraid. I’m not saying the liberals are to blame for everything, in fact I believe both party’s are at fault for what’s going and that’s why I claim my own movement as a party. Right now however the liberals are causing the worst of the mess and in a few years that might flip flop but that’s the reality of politics today. Politics which are vastly different from FDR and past recessionary periods which of course cannot be compared today (although I sincerely enjoyed that you did make the attempt). Whom I thank for all the problem is the status quo and the current attitude of those currently in office. Of course this is why I am trying to modernize conservatism in my own way, and I would hope someone would take up the same cause for the liberals. If democracy functioned in this nation as we expected it to between the two party we would not have as as many problems as we do today. I’m talking about liberals and conservatives who can walk into the same room, look each other in the, shake hands, and come out the same day with work done – for the best for both sides with the citizen as the focus. That’s what I am about and I hope you can agree with some. It’s a long pathway and I do fear conflict is coming but we can still avoid it. Thanks again for commenting, please stop by again if you see any articles of interest.