Forming a Conservative Party

An associate on a political forum I post on often asked the community a question today that caught my interest. If there was a political party that represented Conservatives how would it effect the established platform of the Republicans and Democrats? What sort of waves would it create amongst the political tides of our nation? Would it be beneficial to America and conducive to our futures? I think the answers that go along with these questions are underestimated and not often thought of in the circles of the politically rich and elite. I think of them often and I know others like me do as well. In this article we are going to discuss the three questions presented and then we are going to evaluate a proposal of sorts. We’re also going to look into the new motivation I have found for the month of February and how these three questions directly influenced this blog.

The first thing you should have noticed when you came on to Patriots Movement today is that everything looks different. That in and of itself is not something unexpected as I love redesigning the blog however the underlying reasoning should not be blindly cast away. Like our political system I am also constantly changing my views and expanding in thought as a political activist. I came on last night I realized the blog’s design was inadequate for the dreams and visions I wish to pass along. It did not reflect my work ethic nor did it reflect my commitment to my nation and it’s citizens. Conservatism is in the same predicament as this blog was just yesterday: it is unorganized, undeveloped, and under-estimated because it does not reflect us who represent conservatism. We instead rely on an old style that is unpopular and does us no justice, just as it was the last theme for this blog, it is also the Republican Party. The GOP does not represent Conservatism and at times as been pointedly against it and everything it stands for (while still trying to benefit from our advancements). Like this blog Conservatism needs something or someone to step up and take charge. I don’t think it has to be someone from the politically elite nor an individual at all but it does have to be an initiative and commitment put in place and carried out by the Citizens who believe in America and everything it stands for.

If a Conservative Party existed it would undeniably throw the political spectrum into sway and create new opportunities for our nation. As a third-party option Conservatives could shake off the shackles put in place by the Establishment Republicans and could present themselves as a real threat to the Democratic Party and those who push far left-wing agendas. We are leashed by allowing ourselves to be represented by the Republican Party. Our purpose is to restore the power to the average citizen and we cannot take on the status quo while we allow ourselves to be represented by a half of the status quo. This is why our message has been inefficient to date and why we are a political power without any real backing or power. The left-wing fears us and what we stand for as well as the possibilities of a greater and stronger America. Such a party formation would undoubtedly mean the end of a political era and the death of the Republican Party. As one thing leads to another the Democratic Party will fall as well and America will be stripped bare. No longer will we draw sides of an aisle and no longer will we be represented by those who do not have our best interest in their thoughts. The answer to the first and second questions are the same: the American Political system would be changed forever and a new political era would begin. It will be a time of the citizen, of their rights, of their liberties, and of their strengths.

The third question must be answered in a paragraph of its own because it is imperative that we understand the costs and profits of a third-party and it’s rise into power. Conservatism is a rising and ever-growing political thought that is taking America by storm. We are not represented in the current political system and because of this we cannot be a part of the political war being waged by the right and left wings. We are not their allies but we are not unsympathetic to their plights either; our focus is on the citizen, the constitution, and the country itself. The problems we must take into account is that this nation is falling apart. It’s federal government is bloated and inefficient, we have large agendas taking place and eroding America to its very core, we have politicians who actually want to take away rights from the citizens. The benefits involved is the combat of those whose agenda is to destroy America and remodel it into something entirely different. Conservatism is the only thing that can save this nation as we currently stand. I’d hate to say it folks but that’s sad because it took decades of failures from the old system to create the environment where Conservatism not only formed and grew but also became one of the few solutions available to us. The costs involved will the time, effort, finances, and dedication of those involved and even then it will probably not be something entirely feasible until 2020 or later. Fixing America is not an overnight procedure, nor is creating a Conservative Party, but luckily redesigning this blog is.

Are you strong enough to stand up for Conservatism?

  • Roger Monk

    The R’s and the D’s are so engrained into the mindset of Americans that it would take a mighty effort to change it. Like the preference between Coke and Pepsi, products usually settle as the two top contenders getting all the notice. Third place products may get some attention and market-share but it is usually not in the same league as the top tier.
    Low information voters don’t focus in individual differences they just barely listen at best. Getting the marketing message to the masses is the problem, and Democrats have the wide edge on that, followed by Republicans. Even Libertarians seen to mostly come in a distant 3rd place. A Conservative party would definitely weaken the Republican party. The result is a future of easy Democrat wins across the board.
    Whereas the Marxist-progressive left is united under the Democrat banner. The is no such unification of the Right.
    Third, Fourth, or Fifth parties will probably be formed. Whether they gain traction is another matter. Most people still like their Coke or their Pepsi.
    If the Republican party has ventured too far from it’s course, a simpler vision would be to have Conservatives take control of it. The Precinct Project is one way to accomplish that. The theory is that if we cannot overtake the establishment Republicans from the inside, then we could not beat them from the outside. While we fight amongst ourselves the Democrats coast to victory and America loses,