Flag Stomping Teacher…..Rewarded. Seriously?

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Flag stomping high school teacher, Scott Compton, of Chaplin SC lost his job in March after resigning and taking responsibility for his actions. You might remember that Compton made the very bad choice of disrespecting our flag and nation in his classroom last December and in a stunt proved his point about freedoms by taking a US flag and dropping it on the dirty floor and stomping on it. Even if you don’t remember the story you can just imagine what happened next. Rightfully so several student’s we’re offended – this is our nation’s flag, our symbol, something to be respected and kept in the air – and here some jack ass is stomping on it to prove some whimsical point he shouldn’t be making in a public high school to begin with! They took the story home to their parents who rightfully criticized and called the school and then it went viral and became a national outrage. How dare this man try to indoctrinate our students with his opinion and disrespect our national flag in doing so. It’s no surprise he lost his job but here is the kicker you probably haven’t realized…what America has not yet realized.

Reported today is the fate of teacher Scott Compton. He might not be getting his job back but tax payers will be paying him his normal wages (for no accomplished work) up to June. That’s not the kicker that’s just a side dish. He’s being given $85,000 dollars to avoid a legal battle – $85 thousand dollars of tax payer money is going to this jack ass for disrespecting your nation and pushing his opinions on your kids. Not only that but the school is going to suck up all of his attorney fees which amount to $3,000 just by themselves. So lets put this in review. We are paying this man who was forced out of his job as a result of his own egregious actions more than he and a lot of us will make in an entire year of our our work lives. We are giving this man over $100 thousand dollars in a recession for violating the public trust and proving that he is no American citizen. Let that sink in for a moment and maybe you’ll feel the same feelings of disgust and revulsion that I feel right now. This is criminal almost and I blame the school administrators who levied this reward without consulting the tax payer. It’s absurd. It should be illegal. It’s not and nothing but quickly subsiding outrage will come out of it but still. What has happened to America?!

Is this the sort of behavior we should expect in our school system? Should we expect our students to be indoctrinated and forced to listen to the diatribe of opinionated teachers who don’t know how to separate their own beliefs with objective curriculums? Then when something goes wrong we reward these individuals. So much for the freedom of opinion and belief when our schools have become factories of liberal propaganda and misinformation! We as citizens need to stand up and take a part in our children’s education and we need to make sure this sort of thing never happens again. If I was a tax payer in Chaplin SC….I’d be launching a campaign to oust that entire corrupt school board from their lofty seats of power. They obviously do not represent the tax payer of their districts.

I suspect that a lot of patriots haven’t realized this story yet. It was a hushed up small article on a news site I was browsing. I haven’t seen it out in the open and being debated upon and you know this is going to cause a national outrage…as it should. So I’m spreading the word. Injustice and theft of tax payer money has been done in Chaplin SC. Stand up for your rights. http://politicalfaction.com/2013/flag-stomping-teacher-rewarded-with-85k

  • http://patrioticvoices.com Cal Sullivan


  • http://patrioticvoices.com Cal Sullivan