China Wants to De-Americanize World

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China Wants to De-Americanize World and get ahead and they are exploiting our problems and issues on the national stage to make a very hypocritical statement on the matter.

I read an article the other day from the Chinese about how they feel about America. Alright you got me it wasn’t really from the Chinese. The article was penned and written by the Xinhua News Agency which is a state controlled media source by the the communist regime that runs China. So I don’t really know how Chinese feel about America but it’s leaders at least have decided to come onto the world platform and become the biggest bullies. They clearly think that they can topple America by spreading nastiness on the world stage during our economic problems; although I also suspect that they might be a bit butt hurt about loaning America money in the first place. So today’s article will be about China and how it really has no business trying to undermine America when it and in itself is a global liability.

A De-Americanized World

In a (supposedly) opinion piece written on October 14th Xinhua announced to the world that China felt that “It is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world,” Just a few hours later they tried it again with a new statement calling for the US dollar to be replaced as global reserve currency. They are clearly pushing for something but one has to really think about what is going on in the Asian regions what a de-Americanized world would do for China. The Asian super power has made no secret about coveting it’s neighbor’s lands – especially the Japanese. So if one thinks about it…America might be the only thing stabilizing that region of the world from the Chinese! It’s also no secret that China allies with North Korea, you know that small nation lead by a very short crack pot, and does not appreciate the democracy in South Korea. It honestly didn’t take long to see the pattern., With America out of the picture China has a lot to gain and even more to take. By even suggesting the dollar be replaced they threaten our entire economy (even with as weak as it is with our current situation).

Another Threat From Communism

I read the article and quite honestly I laughed at it and thought to myself “hey…look at China…the big bad bully on scene”. I mean how hypocritical can you get? China is run by Communism which historically hasn’t really worked out well for them (and by them I mean everyone who is not in power). Their people seem more free than many nations that do not give freedoms out but if you dive out of the tourist zones you can clearly see where those freedoms stop. Reporters can only do certain things and under heavy scrutiny and there is no freedom of the press. Parents have been forced to limit their families and due to barbaric population controls that often times end up with families killing female children in order to continue the family line. China is known as the junk master of the world and it’s counterfeit economies boom by sending cheap junk to America and the rest of the world….oh and did I mention sweat shops are still trendy? Everything mentioned here is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to China however it’s the most vibrant things we think of when we think of the Asian behemoth.  So I find it extremely hypocritical of the Chinese to even announce these things. A country like theirs has no bearing or place setting an example on any world stage.

It’s a Bank Complaint

Personally I think the reason why China is coming out like this now is because they are upset at our economy. America is going to default on Thursday because our leaders cannot get their acts straight and represent the citizen. We’re probably going to default for a long time and only a fool would think that there wont be consequences; Fitch is already threatening to downgrade America’s credit from AAA to B+ (which is tantamount to you or I having a poor credit score of 500 or below). Out of the 17 trillion dollar debt China owns 7% of the debt which is a staggering amount. Even worse is China is experiencing economic problems of their own now. It might perhaps be the worlds largest case of buyers remorse.

Behind the Scenes

Amongst all these threats, allegations, and slanders is the conspiracy guys who I simply could not leave out of the equation. It might have been because they are all so likable but it’s probably because in my research I could not debunk their allegations that a Global Currency being formed. If a new “world currency” is being created then now would certainly be the time to do it. Our economy is weak and we if forced on the US there is no way we could fight it back. Which of course brings across fears of hyperinflation and the dollar losing it’s value. I’m not hooked on that theory but it does seem plausible from what I’ve read. Even more so with China making every attempt to make the Yuan a global currency.

Concluding but not Without Saying

America is certainly not immune or innocent in this global economy thing however as far as our economy goes….China needs to mind it’s own business. As long as we pay them their due they shouldn’t have an issue. America is a great nation, will be a great nation, and China will never replace it no matter how much they may want to. I have confidence that our leaders and President Obama will straighten out their acts and start playing dice on this matter. The non-negotiating plan is clearly not going to work.


  • timq3dimensionscom

    Can someone summarize the main articles stated in the One-China Policy?
    And I know the two opposition parties have utterly opposite views. Can someone also brief me on how the KMT and the DPP view the One-China Policy?


  • therundown2k3

    I planning to move to china in august. I wonder how that goes. And how I can ship my stuff to china and how long i can stay in china without applying for a visa. Can I get a student visa?

  • joevsyou

    Does China still want Taiwan to be a part of China, or have things in China changed since the new leader took power in ’08? I small paragraph on the current relations between China and Taiwan would suffice.

  • jag43216

    China is becoming more free trade capitalists while the US is becoming more like the old socialist China. LOL!!!! And that’s not even Fox News saying it!

  • NYstreetkid

    The Chinese are doing the very same things America did in the turn of the last century. “build”. any thing and every thing. We should remember that we were the engine that ran global trade till the 1960’s. Let talk about that for one moment , the 1960’s saw the fall of England as a world power, the start in the decline in American manufacturing, The push to not do any hand’s on type work such as a plumper or auto mechanic. every one want they’re kids in College, where they where turn against the very country that give them that chance. the raise of super unions. auto workers, teamster, and the NEA. Wages for as little out put as possible. Forget that they drove companies such as AMC, AMF, zenith, and many more out of this country or out of business all together. The growth of the left has in this country been part and parcel to the decline of America. Strange, Could this be planned or am I just being paranoid. Lenn said” The west would sale us the very rope to hang them with. I think he was a little off. We would try to give it to them along with food stamps. No, the Chinese are just better at now being America in some ways then we are.