Bankrupt Detroit To Buy New Stadium

I can’t stand liberal politics at the best of times but I can’t stand them the most when they put an obvious burden on the citizen or are too far into the realm of stupid to even be taken seriously. Unfortunately I have one of those types of stories to rant about today. I have no doubts that most Patriots if not most citizens have heard that the city of Detroit is done for, has filed for bankruptcy, and now represents the largest bankruptcy case in American history. What you probably have not heard however is that little after an hour after the bankruptcy announcement is was also voted upon by the democratic leaders of Detroit to plan and construct a new multi-million dollar stadium for the Detroit Red Wings. You heard that right – we have government workers getting their pensions cut, the citu museums and parks cannot be kept open, and the tax payer is not receiving the services they pay for – but a private sports team is getting a new stadium. It’s one of those serious facepalm moments as you wonder what backwards ass liberal pushed this though the system as you also consider what nerve Detroit leaders must have.

If anything I must wonder why the privately owned ice hockey team, owned by Mike Ilitch, a multi-millionarire who founded Little Caesar’s Pizza, and the Major League Baseball team The Detroit Tigers, cannot build his own stadium. Why must the tax payers be burdened with this cost to begin with? Maybe the team will bring in new revenue and maybe it will not but what is certain is that the owner of this private organization will profit. Seems to me that he has more to lose by keeping an old stadium than the tax payers of Detroit do! After all Detroit cannot even afford to mow lawns, maintain public transportation, or even keep museums and library’s open. Yet the liberals can still entertain the ambitions of their rich friends and sponsors. Is anyone else tired of the game the citizens are subjected under. Isn’t it time to change?

A radical idea was passed to me today and by radical I mean strange but also very interesting. A man said to me why not allow Detroit to be a free city. A city with a free market, who is not taxed to death, and does not have elitist leaders controlling it. Lets give Detroit back to the citizens and see if it cannot be salvaged. Why not indeed. Why can’t the citizens take this nation back. Is it for lack of trying or lack of a backbone? Regardless if we hope to survive in this once proud nation then we will have to step up and take back our nation. Detroit to me seems like as good of a place as anywhere else to start. In any case…..if you are in Detroit….you have my condolences. Good luck.





  • madelefant

    Ahh Gee. Snyder and Ilitch aren’t liberals. They are conservatives. I think you may be blind.

    • Matt

      My eyes, unfortunately, are wide open. I do not have the luxury to enjoy being blissfully zombified as the liberals are. They may be conservatives, but Detroit has been under liberal mismanagement for decades. That’s a bit more important.

      • madelefant

        The players behind the downfall of Detroit have always been the monied conservatives of the region. They propped up Coleman Young and Kwame Kilpatrick and stole everything they could while Kwame and Coleman took the heat.