The Atheists Who Bring America To It’s Knees

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I’m not a very big proponent of religion and I am not a very religious person myself. With that said I do take note and a very objective view when I find those types debaters intolerant to religion. The very same people you see trying to erase Christianity out of this nation via the court system and every other form of mass media. All I can do is look at these folks and shake my head in disgust. These people represent everything the American Patriot Movement is against when it comes to history, religious rights, and culture. You cannot just wipe these things out of our lives because a small vocal group does not like them. I want to make it very clear before we start that I am not calling out Atheists in particular. Not every Atheist holds this arrogant politically correct (PC) attitude so I do not want to fall into the fallacy of grouping. However at the same time it must be noted that the biggest problems come out of the Atheist circles and only from within these circles can we fix the problem. You have to clean your own house before you presume to clean others so this post is not going to be some enlightenment for someone promoting religious PC. It’ll take an open minded atheist to go up to their fellows and say “hey, we can work together, stop this nonsense” and start the pathway to recovery. This article is going to be about religious intolerance, PC, culture, and how we are hurting our own causes with this nonsense.

I recently went on to the political debate site SodaHead and I saw a poster who was very against religion to the point of almost hate and prejudice. I actually see it very often online and I’ve seen it offline as well. I’ve seen atheists in little rural town parades touting offensive banners and I’ve had atheists rant and rave at me for poking holes in their fabric of hate. I think I can say many of us have been. This statement from the debater however is what got me on this topic he said quite boldly: “I have no respect for religions, It is clearly dragging society in the wrong direction and respecting that would be contributing to the stupidity and ignorance of the human race”. He then linked and praised a man on YouTube who went off on a tyrannical rant about people faith “being a joke“. Ironically as we watch this video we quickly understand that the real joke is the man in the YouTube video and the blind sheeple who follow along in his pastures (such as the sodahead debater we have mentioned). It was then I realized the truth of the matter and what side of the fence the American Patriot Movement will be standing on. I realized that conversely I have no respect for Atheists who hate religion. These people have fallen into a trap and are creating their and our own problems. In fact I would be bold enough to say that all Atheists who cannot respect other’s beliefs are clearly dragging society in the wrong direction and respecting their dedication to political correctness would be contributing to the stupidity and ignorance of the human race.

I’m going to do something very horrible right now; I’m going to pop a lot of ego’s. Let’s just admit this  fact up front so that we all clearly get it. I don’t want to revisit the obvious if we don’t have to. The world does not revolve around you or any other singular person. Just because you hate a belief and you do not feel it’s valid does not mean you should advocate for it’s erasure from our society. It does not mean others have to get with your program and drop everything they stand for because you can’t see where they are coming from. It sounds very very childish but this is literally what is going on. Take the following scenario and consider it wisely:

An atheist walks into a bar he’s never ever been in and will never ever return to and takes note of a small Jesus statue on a cash register….instead of walking away like a mature person….he demands that the statue be removed or he will sue in a federal court. The courts are so broken now that he will win this case and he knows it. Frivolous as it is easy he get’s his point across and violates the rights of believers. He knows that religious intolerance in this nation is at a rise and Christianity will not be protected. Religious freedom has become one sided and very easy to exploit.

While this sort of scenario sounds ludicrous and immature it happens across the nation every week with varying circumstances. I don’t personally understand why we all can’t get along. Why the offended party cannot respect others and just let it go. Why they feel the need to violate others rights to accommodate their own. Just let it go and don’t pay attention – it’s so absurdly easy that it’s not even funny….it’s just downright sad. I wonder how much tax payer revenue is wasted defending frivolous cases put forward by Atheists and their agenda to rid America from Christianity? Conversely I wonder when our politicians will take a stand and protect the citizen from persecution and when our government will return Religious Freedom to both sides of the coin? Will the Obama administration be the first to admit the problem or will the Republicans? I, the founder of the American Patriot Movement, as small as it currently is stand up and loudly proclaim it and take a stand against it. We must destroy political correctness before it destroys us!

That last sentence about destruction…I want to dive a little deeper into it. I could end the article here and now and I’ve already shown and explained why we are hurting ourselves and how we are violating and allowing our rights to be taken away from us. I want to send this metaphorical baseball into the stands and really show what political correctness is doing to our nation and what these Atheists are really doing; whether they realize it or not. America is a Christian nation in part….and you can debate that, quote whomever you want, or spit out any fact you wish until you are blue in the face and it will not change that fact. Every religion has an equal part in this nation and it’s culture. It doesn’t matter what the founders believed because America wasn’t about the founders and never was and I laugh when people quote the founders and claim they we’re deists. Who cares? The nation was formed by men but it was ultimately up to the citizen to form and make this nation into what it is.

At the time the citizen was hopeful for the future for all races and in fact Israel Zangwill might had said it best with this famous quote “America is God’s crucible, the great Melting-Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and reforming!… The real American has not yet arrived.  He is only in the crucible, I tell you – he will be the fusion of all races“. The citizens believed the future American would be mature enough to be past all this religious squabble and would be a hybrid of every race, culture, and creed. They stood for true liberty and freedom – where did we fall off the wagon? By utilizing political correctness to erase and persecute Christianity all we are doing is hastening our own national destruction. We are creating our own problems and adding them to real national problems. Pushing PC is no different from a book burn, or rewriting history, or tearing a nation apart at the seams. This is our national culture you are destroying. Grow up, figure it out,and stop it while we still have time.

If you hate religion….do us all a favor and grow up. I bring you today a very short quote from WW2 General and past US President Dwight Eisenhower who once admitted “Only Americans can hurt America.” Take that under consideration. Only Americans can hurt America….and currently America is a falling empire. Are you hurting or helping America?